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Dear Sport-friends,

for more than 30 years, pigeons determine the daily routine of the Drapa family. The head of the family is Andreas. Without no doubt, he is the boss. There is a clear division of tasks in the family, but it is Andreas who decides in which direction everything goes. For example, in general it´s his father who is responsible for the transport of the pigeons at training- flights.
Excellent pigeons are the basic for everything. Without them nothing would work. And exactly at this point one can call Andreas a little bit fanatic. Good is not good enough. It always has to be the best of the best. Otherwise it isn’t possible to maintain the level of last years performances. We are always looking for the Best of the Best!
That the feeding plays an important role for pigeons should be a natural course of action, as in every other kind of sport. And especially if you make mistakes with the feeding you will certainly recognize this at your next pricing flight. A care plan can give you a hand. How many room you have, the size of your colony and the therefore arisen needs for your pigeons play a much too important role. And therefore it’s hard to assess these needs in general. Only from this reason, every breeder should decide on his own what is best for his or her pigeons.

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